Are you currently complying with Health and Safety Legislation - Do you currently make use of our services and why should you use ICE (IM) ?

3 Quick Questions
Do I require to have inspections on my plant?
Have you been told that you must use an insurance company based supplier for this inspection service?
Have you been told that your insurance company requires these inspections and they need access to this certification?
The answers you need to have known/have achieved
You are required to have most items of plant in a work place, in none work places it is a strong recommendation, There is a legal requirement on the Isle of Man—The Management of Health and safety at Work Act 2003 IOM.
It is illegal under both European & UK legislation (European Anti Competition Regulation's -Financial Services Act UK) for insurance companies or their agents to require you to take their in house inspection services, these services may be offered as an add on but may not be imposed.
The reports/certification is covered by the Data Protection Act, the only body that can demand to see these documents is the IOMG Health and Safety Inspectorate. The same body that is responsible for policing the regulations, of course you may give copies to whom you please but they cannot be demanded.

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